Easy Appreciation Gift Basket!

Completed basket.

February isn’t just about showing your special someone how much you love them–it’s also a great time to acknowledge those around you who make your life easier. Whether you’re wanting to show some love to your staff, volunteers, teachers, or even your best friends, this is a perfect way to say how much they mean to you. It’s also totally customizable.

For this craft, I needed 12 baskets for my all-female office mates. I knew I wanted a February/Berry theme and decided to put together little baskets of goodies with a note that said, “Thank you BERRY much for all you do!”

So my first stop was Target where I spotted some cute little red pencil cup holders in the Dollar Spot that were the perfect “basket” for my berry items.


With a cute berry basket in hand, I stayed in the Dollar Spot and found some polka dot green ribbon to attach as a handle to the berry basket. I also found some cute tags that had 12 black and 12 brown tags, plus string to affix.

To keep with either a red/pink or berry theme, I scoured the Dollar Spot for some cute goodies to add to each basket. I found 3-packs of scented markers in berry colors and scents and some adorable cupcake erasers. I threw enough for dozen baskets in my cart and away I went to continue on my berry search.

Up next, CANDY! You can pick whatever red, pink, or berry candies you like but I opted for all pink Starburst, Dove Hearts, and red Lindor berry chocolate truffles.

I had in mind to add some berry-scented chapsticks so headed in the direction of the makeup. I found what I was looking for, though they were a bit pricier than I wanted, but went on my way when I noticed an end cap with Christmas clearance. I stopped in my tracks when I saw the 4-packs of bath bombs for $3 and the 10-packs of e.l.f. mini nail polishes for only $4, all in my red/pink color scheme. Score! They had enough to make up my 12 baskets (1 bath bomb and 2 mini nail polishes per basket) and complete what I was looking for. So the chapsticks went back on the shelf! All told, I spent the following:

  • baskets $12
  • ribbon $1
  • paper tags $3
  • scented markers $4
  • Erasers $3
  • Starburst pink candies $2.69
  • Dove hearts $3.99
  • Lindor truffles $4.79
  • (3) sets of e.l.f. nail polishes $12
  • (3) sets of bath bombs $9
    = 55.47 or $4.62 per basket.
Assorted items for basket.

To assemble, I tied a 9 inch piece of ribbon to each basket to make a handle. I then added one marker, one eraser, a handful of starburst candies, the truffles and hearts, one bath bomb, two nail polishes (one dark shade and one lighter), and then affixed a berry tag, which I printed on cardstock with a cute berry.

My team loved the baskets and thought they were perfect for February. And all told, it wasn’t much work or money to show my coworkers how much I appreciate them!

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